De Niro delivers techno thrills - Limitless

THIS film begins with a man standing on the stone balcony railing of a luxury apartment contemplating the pavement below. Will he jump? And why?  

This is the story of Eddie Morra (Cooper), a loser with long, unkempt hair, unshaven, living in a crummy apartment, unable to even get the first page down on the novel he’s been commissioned to write.
  Lindy (Cornish), his girlfriend, has had enough. She dumps him. And then he runs into his ex-brother-in-law, Vernon (Johnny Whitworth), who seems to have the answer to his problems. 

It’s a little pill called NZT, which is just about to get approval from the official drug authority, so says Vernon. 

It’s a mind-expanding drug and Eddie is not only able to finish his manuscript, he develops other skills in record time. He becomes a stock market whizz, which he figures is going to get him to where he wants to be faster than writing books.