Defamation suit results from TGA complaint

AN ACADEMIC who lodged a complaint with the TGA about clinical claims made by the manufacturers of a weight-loss product has found himself the subject of legal action.

The manufacturers of SensaSlim – an oral spray designed to numb the taste buds – are suing La Trobe University senior lecturer Dr Ken Harvey for defamation, claiming damages of $800,000. 

Dr Harvey lodged a complaint with the TGA Complaints Resolution Panel regarding the promotion of the product, stating some claims about the product’s results were “most likely to have been fabricated”.

But the defamation action brings the TGA investigation into the product to a halt.Healthy Skepticism chair Dr Jon Jureidini was critical of the manufacturers’ actions, saying launching legal action because someone expressed a contrary view was “not really in the spirit of scientific debate”. 

SensaSlim’s manufacturers were