Delay in bowel screen follow-up tests

Lawrence Springborg said 16,000 people were waiting on the ‘gastro procedural list’ as of 1 January and 8000 of them had been waiting longer than clinically recommended.

Mr Springborg made the comments after Bundaberg woman Beryl Crosby said she'd been waiting 11 months for an endoscopy ordered by her GP.

He said the backlog showed how important it was to ensure adequate resources were available to deal with the knock-on effects of national screening programs.

"I think it really indicates how much work needs to be done in the future when governments sign up to mass screening campaigns with the Commonwealth," he told the ABC.

Statewide there were 3406 ‘category four’ patients waiting for procedures such as colonoscopy and endoscopy, according to figures provided by the minister’s office.

Research presented at Australian Gastroenterology Week (AGW 2012) suggested the current average wait for a