Delicious, but more like soufflé than chocolate - Romantics Anonymous (M)

What is it with the French and chocolate? The sweet, occasionally bitter stuff seems to symbolise romance. The delightful concoction that is Romantics Anonymous has two ultra-shy people not quite getting it together for most of the film.

She is Angélique (Carré), a fragile, sweet-faced young woman who attends group therapy to get over her agonising shyness. 

He, Jean-René (Poelvoorde) runs a chocolate factory and listens to self-help cassettes.
 He needs a sales person because his company is in big trouble, his chocolates are seen as old-fashioned.

Because of her 12-step program, Angélique has built up enough confidence to apply for a job at the chocolate factory. 

She has created a secret career for herself as a chocolate-maker but Jean-René misunderstands and thinks she’s applying for a sales job. 

Their lack of communication is agonising. She takes the job