Desperate teacher plots great escape for wife - The Next Three Days (M)

This film suffers from an unfortunate coincidence. The 2008 French film Pour Elle, on which The Next Three Days is based, was released only a couple of months ago in this country with the title Anything For Her, starring Vincent Lindon and Diane Kruger. 

If you saw the original, then be warned: this film tells exactly the same story in almost exactly the same way, with one bewildering change towards the end that adds to its running time of an excessive 122 minutes. The original was a taut 96 minutes. The bloating results in a very stodgy middle section.

It’s basically a heist movie. The lives of John Brennan (Russell Crowe) and his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) are torn apart when the police burst into their home to arrest Lara for the murder of her boss.

Their young child, Luke (played at three years of age by twins Toby and Tyler Green), is distraught.
 When the victim’s blood is found on Lara’s