Docs will fight 10-minute consults

The change is one of three parts of the government’s repackaged co-payment plan and will begin on 19 January. Together with a $5 cut to non-concessional Medicare rebates and an indexation freeze until 2018, the changes will amount to a cut of around $3.5 billion.
Medical Observer readers have labelled the government plan cynical and attacked doctor groups which initially floundered over the introduction of a minimum length for Level B consultations.

Sydney eastern suburbs GP Lou Lewis said many doctors and patients were yet to comprehend the full impact of the changes.

“The patients will be out of pocket a hell of a lot of money and maybe, just maybe, they will write to their local federal members and voice their disgust at what is happening to the health system,” Dr Lewis.

“For far too long we general practitioners have been propping up the health system, keeping costs down, and our reward for doing so is