Doctor outraged by ‘unconscionable’ detention centre healthcare

Dr John-Paul Sanggaran was one of 15 doctors who last year reported their concerns about medical care at the Christmas Island detention centre in a 92-page letter to their employer, International Health and Medical Services (IHMS), a private healthcare provider under contract to the Australian government.

Speaking at a symposium in Sydney on Tuesday night, he said the letter took pains to pin concerns to evidence and patient examples. It also looked at the accreditation of facilities and concerns about breaches of the Australian health practitioner code of conduct. 

“Despite over 18,000 words of detailed concerns there has been no adequate response. There is a single page we have received from IHMS, and I got to see a demo version of their new IT system,” Dr Sanggaran said.

“I, in fact, fear repercussions because I have spoken out. It is those same fears born of confidentiality clauses in contracts and the culture of secrecy,