Doctor slams AVN for inaccuracies on anti-D injections

The AVN was responding to a query posted yesterday by a Brisbane mother of 10 children with a Rhesus-negative blood type, who had previously always received anti-D shots but wanted more information on the contents before deciding on another course during her current pregnancy.

The uncredited AVN post warned that anti-D products could contain thiomersal and that another product, RhoGAM, should be also considered.

“You may also want to read up on the benefits of late cord clamping and lotus birth, which minimises or completely eliminates exchange of blood after the birth,” the AVN advice read.

The letter of complaint to the HCCC pointed out that there are only two anti-D products available in Australia – both manufactured by CSL Behring and distributed by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

“Neither of these products contain thiomersal, as claimed by the poster on the AVN Facebook page. RhoGAM is not a product