Does championing the underdog make sense?

IT WAS probably Jesus Christ who started it all, with his somewhat idiosyncratic comment about camels fitting (or, rather, not fitting) through the eyes of needles.

Being a messiah, of course, Christ was given to making fairly emphatic comments without having to explain them. But to be fair to the camels among us, why should the difficulty with needlework be assumed?

Why should the fact of wealth, in and of itself, automatically render its possessor a morally less fit (or, indeed, unfit) human being (or camel, as the case may be)?

The implication, I daresay, is that in order to accumulate wealth one must engage in a level of ruthlessness, rapacity or cunning that is inconsistent with the Draft Entry Standards laid down for Heaven. 

Either that, or one assumes that a more appropriately generous soul would have hitherto dispersed their wealth in sundry charitable directions rather than allowing it simply to accumulate.