Dutton vows to cut back authority scripts

The minister released the terms of reference for a review of the 477 authority medicines at the AMA National Conference in Canberra on Friday. 

It will be undertaken in consultation with the AMA, RACGP and others. 

Mr Dutton said the review would deliver savings to prescribers and pharmacists of more than $7 million a year. 

He said he was committed to reducing unnecessary red tape and paperwork for health professionals. 

“There are occasions when the authority system is important to ensure that patients are only given medicines that are safe and appropriate" he said. 

“But there are many other instances where the authority system is an unnecessary step.

“This review is expected to significantly reduce the number of authority medicines, which will allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients and less time on paperwork."

Mr Dutton also told doctors that