Early Implanon removal often due to bleeding and weight gain: study

A small qualitative study involved semi-structured telephone interviews with 19 women aged 18–50 years from four general practices on the reasons for early removal of Implanon.

NSW GP Dr Meike Flore, who initiated the research with Illawarra & Southern Practice Research Network, said that in her experience many women chose to have their Implanon removed early because the product information did not match their experience.

Some of the women continued to experience bleeding with Implanon, from heavy, to mild but constant, or very irregular.

Mood swings, irritability and weight gain were also reported by participants. 

The time to removal varied from four to 10 months.

Dr Flore said some women received a lot of information from their GP about Implanon. But while doctors discussed the side effects, they did not go into detail.

“It was interesting to see how much influence a GP had on starting a woman