Expect a freeze on rural training: GPSA

GPSA head Dr Bruce Willett said over time, the freeze could see registrars trained exclusively in “high throughput, low quality environments”, which would also wind up costing the health system more.

“Practices don’t make a lot of money out of GP registrars, and in fact many lose money,” Dr Willett told MO. “A lot of rural practices do lose money because of increased costs and their cost structures, but they take registrars on as a service to their community.”

Dr Willett said the quality of training could be sacrificed, with GP registrars relegated to training in classrooms or online instead of seeing patients.

“We’re concerned that registrars aren’t taken away from patients in an effort to save money,” Dr Willett said.

General practice training is already in turmoil amid the consolidation of GPET into the Department of Health and sustained uncertainty over