Experts point to huge underspend on CV prevention

The report, The Heart of the Matter: Rethinking prevention of cardiovascular disease, by the Economist Intelligence Unit, was sponsored by Astra Zeneca.

It examined the need for a fresh look at prevention, saying it could greatly reduce the incidence of CVD which is the leading cause of death in Australia.

Dr Rob Grenfell, The Heart Foundation’s national director of cardiovascular health described the report as a call to arms. He said Australia's public health spend of just 1.6% of total expenditure was grossly inadequate.
“Unfortunately when governments look to tighten their belts they remove money out of the prevention space because it is an easy target. They don’t fully appreciate how a small investment here will save them substantial sums in the hundreds of millions of dollars going into the re-admission of people with chronic diseases,” he said.

The report said population-wide measures yield significant