Foodies comedy serves up warmed-over fare - Title: The Trip (MA15+)

IT’S significant that this film, an abbreviated version of a hit British television series, has no writer. 

It’s a conceit by the director and the actors, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, both of whom appeared in Michael Winterbottom’s 2005 film Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story.

In this film, they’re sent on the road by Winterbottom to explore eateries in the Lake District of Britain. Ostensibly, Coogan has been asked to do food reviews and, as he makes clear from the start, Brydon wasn’t his first choice of companion.

Brydon, happily married with a young baby, agrees to go along, and there the fun starts. 

There is tension between the two, both of them competing to see who can do the best impression of Michael Caine. Brydon is a master, and his version of Caine from the Alfie days to the slower, growly Caine of today is wonderfully accurate.

Coogan’s concocted persona has him