French romantic comedy struggles to ring true - Beautiful Lies (M)

AUDREY Tautou’s winsomeness in Amelie in 2001 won many hearts around the world, and she is likely to win more with her role as Émilie in this light romantic comedy.  

Émilie owns a successful hairdressing salon with her friend Sylvia (Stéphanie Lagarde). No problems there. The one black hole in her life is her mother Maddy (Baye), who simply cannot get over her husband leaving her for a younger woman. She believes, despite all evidence to the contrary, that eventually he will come back to her. It’s been four years since the separation.  

Working in the salon as an odd-job man is Jean (Bouajila), who harbours deeply felt romantic notions towards his employer. He’s highly educated and writes a beautiful love letter to Émilie that he subsequently dumps in a wastepaper basket.

Émilie resurrects the letter and is so impressed that she begins to think laterally.