French stars shine - Title: Potiche (M)

TWO great stars of French cinema reunite in this popular but hoary old play from the 1970s. 

François Ozon had his tongue firmly in cheek with this adaptation to the screen.
 It is obvious in the first moments of the film as we see Suzanne Pujol (Deneuve) gently trotting through the countryside in a red tracksuit, white trainers and her hair in rollers under a scarf. The mood is set. We are not meant to take anything too seriously here.

In her bourgeois 1970s home she is just another knick-knack to her unfaithful husband Robert (Luchini), an object of impatience to her daughter (Godrèche) but more kindly treated by her closeted son (Renier).

Robert runs in autocratic style the umbrella factory that Suzanne inherited from her father – little wonder he is taken hostage by the workers. 

After his release he needs time to recuperate from his ordeal and that’s when the mayor, Maurice Babin