Fun is fine – within strictly approved limits

IN KEEPING with its policies on GP health and wellbeing, the RACGP is leaving nothing to chance. 

The upcoming set of Draft Entry Standards for GP Accreditation will include entirely new sections on both leisure and retirement. 

Left to themselves, it seems, GPs are incapable of properly managing either.

Accredited GPs will be expected to spend at least four weeks of each year at an accredited Practice Respite Destination (PRD). 

Approved PRDs will be listed on the college’s GP Getaway site, the flagged indicators for such destinations including the following:

1. A Samaritan-Free Zone (SFZ), within the boundaries of which GPs will not be required to make the slightest effort to save an acutely endangered human life.

2. A Holiday Audit Lounge (HAL), in which GPs will be required to complete a 13-hour online survey regarding holiday satisfaction ratings. Should such ratings fall