Gardasil now funded for boys

Boys aged 12 and 13 will be eligible for the vaccine through a school-based program under the National Immunisation Program. Year 9 boys can also be vaccinated as part of a catch-up program to run for two years.

The world first program will cost $21.1 million over four years. It will include an information campaign, a vaccine register and monitoring of adverse reactions.

Ms Plibersek said extending it to boys would protect them and increase the effectiveness of the vaccination program for girls.

“Already the HPV vaccine has had an impact, significantly reducing the number of lesions that lead to cervical cancer among women in the vaccinated age group. It is estimated that a quarter of new infections will be avoided by extending the vaccine to boys,” she said.

However, the cost-effectiveness of universal HPV vaccination has been called into questioned.

A National Centre for Immunisation Research and