Genius GPs rise to the top

AFTER 10 mind-bending, brain-teasing weeks, MO’s Genius GP competition has finally reached its conclusion. In the process, 10 outstanding GPs have emerged victorious in their personal quests for quiz glory, all taking home their prizes and proving that there is nothing trivial about trivia.

Sydney GP Dr Paul Singh arguably stole the show, recording the highest score for each of the first eight weeks of competition. 

His reign, however, was eventually toppled by NSW Central Coast GP Dr Lynette Lamb, who was finally able to add Dr Singh’s scalp to her prize winning Week 6 effort, which followed a series of showings in previous rounds.

“I was proud of that,” Dr Lamb told MO. “It’s almost an endurance test, as it takes quite a while to build up a high score. I like to keep my brain ticking over, and a challenge like this really helps with reflexes and short-term recall.”

Despite the prize