Good news for thong fans

Podiatrist Angus Chard from the University of Sydney’s footwear research group, has found that children walking and jogging in thongs use a similar motion to walking in bare feet.

“It’s been shown in epidemiological studies that children who have grown up without shoes have a lesser incidence of flat feet and toe deformities, so there’s strong support for the argument that bare feet are the best model of footwear,” Mr Chard said in a statement.

His research team used 3D camera motion analysis technology – similar to that used to create the movie, Happy Feet – in order to study the foot motions of 13 children aged 8–13 years.

They found that although children changed their gait to compensate for the propensity of the thong to slip off their feet, this may not necessarily have bad consequences.

It could lead to muscle overuse but may also assist in some strengthening effects,