Government denies co-payment plans

The minister for social services and acting health minister, Kevin Andrews (pictured), said the Coalition has not considered or proposed introducing a co-payment.

The denial comes on the back of a Labor campaign "to save Medicare" launched this week in the by-election seat of Griffith.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and shadow health minister Catherine King joined Labor’s Griffith candidate Terri Butler to launch the campaign.

Ms Butler said the people of Griffith were “concerned about a proposed tax on GP visits, a tax that has the backing of the LNP’s candidate in Griffith, Dr Bill Glasson”.

Ms King warned that if the fee was introduced, "the Abbott government will open the floodgate to annual increases to GP fees, making it tough for families already struggling with the cost of living".

"All Australians should get the healthcare they need, not the healthcare they can afford,” she said.