Govt backflip on $5m Darwin super clinic

Mr Vatskalis said the promised $5 million for the super clinic would “remain in the territory and will be spent in the territory”, and that the federal government had confirmed it would now consider a new proposal for the northern suburbs super clinic.

The announcement follows recent criticism of the need for the super clinic, with local GPs and clinic operators raising doubts about the viability of opening a large scale super clinic given existing GP workforce shortages in the area (MO online, 24 Oct).

Local GPs had called on Ms Roxon to consider ways to invest the $5 million on expanding and better supporting existing services.

However Mr Vatskalis said he had presented Ms Roxon with an interim proposal from a private company to build and run the super clinic despite a motion calling for the federal government to save the super clinic being voted down by the NT parliament last month.

"The federal health