Govt body forced to rewrite controversial ADHD guidelines

DRAFT ADHD guidelines will be scrapped after being under a cloud for two years owing to conflict of interest allegations, the NHMRC has confirmed.

The draft guidelines, available on the NHMRC website since 2009, were never endorsed by the council because they included data from a US researcher recently sanctioned for failing to declare ties with pharmaceutical companies (MO, 15 July).

NHMRC CEO Professor Warwick Anderson told MO the NHMRC needed to start again to produce a new document.

“We believe we have to begin again the systematic review of the literature, and that’s really several months’ work,” he said.

“Because of the delay in waiting for the outcomes of these enquiries, the original look at the literature is now 4–5 years old anyhow.”

Last week the Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler, announced membership of an NHMRC working group convened to develop interim &ldquo