Govt didn’t consult on co-payment: AMA

Mr Dutton told a press conference in Brisbane on Friday that he had discussed the issue with then AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton and current president Associate Professor Brian Owler ahead of the September 2013 election.

The claim was circulated on social media before the AMA picked it up and called for a correction, leading Mr Dutton to amend his statement.

“There were no discussions of co-payments with [Dr Hambleton and Professor Owler] prior to the 2013 federal election,” the AMA said in its statement to correct the record. 

The AMA said it had publicly criticised co-payment proposals in an Australian Centre of Health Research (ACHR) paper earlier this year and when the National Commission of Audit recommendations were published just before the May budget.

“These seriously flawed co-payment proposals were raised in discussions and correspondence with the minister,” the AMA said.