Govt still lacking health policy: King

Ms King levelled the accusation at Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull on ABC panel show Q&A last night.

Mr Turnbull hit back, saying the Opposition had not announced any alternative cost savings and that its position amounted to “unfunded empathy”.

“We’ve had one budget, we’re about to have another, we still don’t know how you’re going to address the fact that we have this growing deficit,” Mr Turnbull said.

Ms King said the government had no framework to underpin what it wanted to achieve across the whole of Commonwealth expenditure on health.

GP spending makes up only 15% of that allocated to hospital care, according to a report released this month by the Productivity Commission. It was seized on by doctor groups as proof of the folly of the government’s proposed Medicare changes.

Ms King said she had spent the past 18 months consulting, and that the