GP activist pioneer honoured at gala dinner

Associate Professor Grant Blashki, of the Nossal Institute for Global Health, made the call during his keynote speech at the inaugural Dr Eric Dark Dinner – held in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney earlier this month. 

The event honours the legacy of GP Dr Dark who upon returning to Australia a WWI hero, became an outspoken advocate for a focus on improving national health policy after watching the financial and economic impact of the Depression on his patients take as much toll as disease and bacteria.

“All the while, at the margins of the big picture [of healthcare], lurk the environmental menaces almost too big to imagine,” Professor Blashki told the dinner.

“It’s not exaggerating to say that the very life support systems on which human health depends are at risk. Climate change threatens a plethora of health impacts – quite apart from the enormous social and economic impacts of potentially millions of