GP hits the right notes in pursuit of music

FOR her 14th birthday present, Dr Cathy Fraser received a flute. Little did she know at the time that this was a gift that would stay with her for life.

Music has remained one of the GP-psychotherapist’s main passions, and led to her founding the NSW Doctors Orchestra.

While Dr Fraser loved playing the flute and piano as a youngster, she decided against a professional music career (her mother was a music teacher and she didn’t want to follow in her footsteps). 

Instead, she trained as a GP and migrated to Australia from South Africa in her mid-20s.

Dr Fraser continued to play in community ensembles in Sydney, including the Amateur Chamber Music Society, and realised that many of the qualities she needed to be a successful doctor she had already developed as a musician. 

“The same traits apply to both music and medicine,” she says. 

“You need dedication, attention to detail,