GP nurse involvement tops 10 million consultations

The figures were revealed in the latest Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) report released by the University of Sydney’s Family Medicine Research Centre this week.

The study, based on data collected annually from about 1000 Australian GPs randomly selected each year and extrapolated nationally, suggests practice nurses were actively involved in provision of care at about 10.3 million encounters in 2010–11, about 6.1 million more than in 2005–06.

Nurses also took over an increasing proportion – 23% to 38% – of the procedures at the GP encounters.

BEACH lead author Associate Professor Helena Britt told MO that with many additional patient services carried out in general practice outside the GP consultation, further research was needed to obtain a more accurate picture of nurse involvement.

Professor Britt said if additional funding could be sourced, BEACH researchers hoped to capture