GP turns consultation time into funny rhyme

DR ANDREW MacDonald’s four-decade-long medical career has been peppered with humorous incidents and he has cleverly captured many of them in witty, rhyming verse, reminiscent of the style of bush ballads. 

The NSW GP reads them to friends and patients and frames them on the walls of his Cooks Hill surgery in Newcastle.

Here’s an example of his comical turn of phrase in a poem entitled ‘Out of Puff’:

George was 75 if he was a day

He lived alone, always that way,

In a nicotine cloud up on the third floor

Within stained yellow walls and a dirty black door.

He still smoked and had a cough of course

A real rib rattler that made him hoarse.

He rang one day somewhat breathless and terse

Asked for his doctor as he seemed to be worse.

What was left of his lungs had turned luminous green

He was clearly perturbed by what he’d