GP vax incentive to double

Health Minister Susan Ley has revealed a provision for an extra $26 million to raise the incentive payment from the current $6 to $12 for doctors who vaccinate overdue children and to promote awareness in the community.
Ms Ley said at least 166,000 children were more than two months overdue for their vaccinations last year. 

“There is an incentive to get vaccinations happening,” Ms Ley told reporters on Sunday. “Two months is when the vaccination is late. It’s overdue, and it is time to actually remind somebody to come in and get vaccinated with their children.”

Some parents fell behind the vaccination schedule of 12 months, 18 months and four years because they were busy, and others because they were put off by complicated or “crackpot” ideas, the minister said.

The $26 million funding boost in the 2015–16 budget will include development of a vaccination register and a GP-driven