Hambleton heads NEHTA

Queensland GP and immediate past president of the AMA Dr Hambleton said it was a huge opportunity to get e-health "back on the rails". 

"NEHTA's done some really good things – the Individual Healthcare Identifier, Australian Medicines Terminology... what we need now is a platform that's seamless, easy to use, and fits in with workflow in general practice."

Dr Hambleton said under his leadership NEHTA's focus would be on integrating e-health into primary care in a way that engaged with people "in the engine room of healthcare".

NEHTA signalled that the appointment could allay persistent criticism about a lack of clinical leadership in the organisation, praising in a statement Dr Hambleton's "clinical expertise and leadership", which it said would be "vital in ensuring that e-health becomes widely adopted in clinical settings around Australia". 

Dr Hambleton was one of three experts appointed by the health minister to review