Health Budget overview

  • National e-Health Program – continuation: $233.7m SPEND
  • Telehealth incentive payments to be cut from July 2013: $183.9m SAVING
  • National Health Information Network (HealthConnect program): $73.6m SAVING
  • Practice Incentives Program (PIP) – more effective targeting: $83.5 SAVING
  • Medicare Benefits Schedule – new and revised listings: $43.9m SAVING
  • Extended Medicare Safety Net – capping benefits including for items with excessive fees: $96.5m SAVING
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme – new and amended listings: $72.1m SPEND
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme – price changes: $104.6m SAVING
  • Dental Health – alleviating pressure on public dental waiting lists: $345.9m SPEND
  • GP Super Clinics program – streamlining: $44.0m SAVING
  • National Bowel Cancer Screening Program – expansion: $49.7m SPEND
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