Help offered to get most out of PNIP

Almost 100 workshops have already been held through Australia to help GPs, practice managers and nurses understand the implications of the PNIP, and how the new funding stream can add value to practices, and expand the role of nurses.

AGPN trained 20 practice nurses, division/Medicare Local staff and practice managers to run the workshops, which have so far been attended by 2000 practice staff.

A total of 78 practices attending the workshop said they would now consider employing a nurse, or additional nurses as a result of the PNIP funding.

More workshops have been announced for this year in New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania, with more expected to follow.

Funded by the Department of Health and Ageing, practice staff are encouraged to register and attend the free workshops where they will receive support to adopt the changes, as well as free resources.

A summary of information regarding the PNIP is available in a