Hopes Gardasil for boys will boost royalties in an effort to get funding

CSL is pinning hopes of arresting a decline in Gardasil royalties on a revised bid for funding of the vaccine for boys.

The company’s AGM in Melbourne last week heard intellectual property revenues dipped overall by 6% to $96 million in 2010–11 as Gardasil catch-up programs finish globally. However, the HPV vaccine still pumped $83 million into CSL coffers.

“We still see that Gardasil royalties are a valuable part of our overall franchise,” chief executive Brian McNamee said.

“We are working diligently to see whether label expansion, and potential for Gardasil as a vaccine for boys, has the potential to give this product further growth.”

The PBAC is set to consider a revised bid by CSL to have Gardasil added to the National Immunisation Program for adolescent males.