IMGs face scrutiny in UK

The dysfunctional relationship between another western country and its IMGs has been brought under scrutiny in the most recent British Journal of General Practice.

In an editorial, researcher Julian Simpson and professor of general practice Dr Aneez Esmail, both of the University of Manchester, recounted the 2008 case of David Gray, a British patient who died after he was accidentally administered a lethal dose of diamorphine by a Nigerian doctor at an out-of-hours UK surgery.

The incident re-ignited the debate around IMGs and how they are employed within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). 

The authors argued that while the British medical bodies and Parliamentarians responded by questioning the abilities of IMG doctors, they ignored the fact that many of these doctors are placed in areas of the greatest need, where resources are scarce and where they are afforded little support.

“The NHS has so far had a