IMGs seize chance to air criticisms

As INTERNATIONAL medical graduates take their grievances with the Australian medical registration system to Parliament, medical organisations have vowed to do more to support this group of doctors.

The Parliamentary inquiry into IMG support and registration processes has been underway for more than a month, and much of the evidence has come in the form of personal accounts from IMG doctors.

Among the written submissions was that of Dr Emil Penev, a GP forced to leave the country last year when his working visa was withdrawn after he was deregistered for failing a structured clinical interview.

Dr Penev had worked in Queensland since 1999 and said he could not believe he had been “deregistered without doing anything wrong”.

Other submissions told of difficulties passing English exams, with Pakistani IMG Dr Nasir Mehmood Baig detailing how he had resorted to driving a taxi to make ends meet, after failing the English exam several