Inquiry into AHPRA finds confusion, complexity

The report also noted that AHPRA spent almost $1 million regulating just 300 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners (ATSIHP) in 2012-13 despite the group contributing just $26,000 in registration fees.

The Department of Health’s submission to the inquiry acknowledged that the long term viability of the ATSIHP board was a concern given the high level of subsidisation it required to remain operational.

The analysis of the nation’s health professional regulator was released this week by the Victorian Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Legislation Committee.

In submissions sent to the inquiry, doctors’ groups – along with MDOs – were highly critical of the regulator, complaining of substantial registration fee increases, poor communication to practitioners, registration errors made by AHPRA and drawn out complaints processes. 

The report acknowledged AHPRA had made significant