An inspirational teacher and her musical passion: Mrs Carey’s Concert (PG)

BOB Connolly is one of this country’s pre-eminent documentary filmmakers, with the award-winning New Guinea trilogy comprising First Contact (1982), Joe Leahy’s Neighbours (1989) and Black Harvest (1992) to his credit. 

He made these films with his colleague and wife Robin Anderson, followed by Rats in the Ranks (1996) and Facing the Music (2001) back in Australia. 

They produced together, while he shot and she recorded sound. They were filmmakers who embedded themselves in their subject matter, spending years immersing themselves in their topic.

Robin died tragically in 2002, a blow to this historic filmmaking team. Bob Connolly has not made a film since his wife’s death, until now.

That same sense of being embedded comes through with Mrs Carey’s Concert. It takes place over a two-year period. The MLC School in Sydney holds a concert at the Opera House biennially. We begin with one and end with the