It’s your year, stand and be counted

And this year the optimism might be justified.

With the introduction of the Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP), every practice nurse in Australia has the chance to mould their role into one that suits them, their patients and the practice in which they work.

Much work is being done by APNA and the AGPN to help practices make the best use of the PNIP, and to ensure practice nurses and their practices grab this opportunity and run with it.

Nurses, GPs and practice managers are able to attend free workshops, explaining just how to do this. (To find out where the workshops are being held, visit

This work also highlights how a practice nurse adds value to any practice, not only in terms of financial value, but also in terms of patient care and in taking the load off GPs and practice managers.

APNA and AGPN have both been enthused by the positivity the