Kidman helms tender look at parents’ tragedy: Rabbit Hole (M)

This is a film which bears the commitment of its star, Nicole Kidman, as producer – the first project she has developed through her company Blossom Films.   

Kidman was attracted to the material in David Lindsay-Abaire’s Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play when she read a review and quickly moved to work with the playwright on developing a screenplay. 

It’s interesting that the subject matter of this film drew her to the project. It’s about a couple, Becca (Kidman) and Howie (Aaron Eckhart) who are dealing in very different ways with the death of their four-year-old son just eight months earlier.

One of Kidman’s best performances was in the 2004 film Birth, another film about grief. She is obviously interested in the dramatic, confronting issues of life.  

Becca wants to rid her home of all the things that remind her of her loss, whereas Howie wants to cling to them. Particularly