Last day for Medicare Locals body

The Australian Medicare Local Alliance was given only about seven weeks to pack up by today’s deadline, after it was scrapped in the May budget with the loss of some 60 jobs.  

In his parting message, AML Alliance chair Dr Arn Sprogis said the existing network of Medicare Locals would be “essential and central”  to realise the government’s vision for primary healthcare through a new system of Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

“The organisational and human capital, skills and innovation embedded in existing Medicare Locals is a critical component for a successful PHN rollout, and AML Alliance has played a key role in making this possible,” he said.

The 61 Medicare Locals, created from the former Divisions of General Practice, have failed to win widespread support among GPs who felt sidelined by the local organisations.

Health Minister Peter Dutton has said GPs will be central to the new bodies,