Lightweight comedy needs a lighter heart - The Change-Up (MA15+)

THIS change of body experience movie has a mature rating not because of baby poo being spread all over the face of one of the protagonists, but because of the language. The baby poo is more confronting.  

This is one of those unbelievable constructs where two vastly different characters have magically changed bodies, with each fitting rather imperfectly into the other’s life. 

Enjoyment depends pretty much on how convincing the performances are in the switch. In this case they work. 

Dave (Bateman) is a corporate lawyer with a crucial merger on the agenda. His friend Mitch (Reynolds) is an inveterate slacker, bedding women indiscriminately, smoking illegal substances, not holding a proper job... well he’s an actor, except the roles for which he is cast he finds pretty difficult to fulfil. Porn, after all, is a specialised field.

On the other hand, Dave’s role as father of twin babies, sharing the parenting