Looking into Snowtown’s heart of darkness - Snowtown (MA15+)

JUSTIN Kurzel returned to his home territory of Adelaide’s outer northern suburbs for this compelling and confronting story of the 1990s Snowtown murders.

This area of Adelaide is a desolate place, with family dysfunction a key feature of the Vlassakis family where Jamie (Pittaway) lives with his mother and younger brothers. 

The key person in the murders was John Bunting (Henshall), who inveigles his way into the family, strangely providing some stability. The mother, Elizabeth, accepts him into the family almost as her partner. He cooks, and he befriends Jamie. 

The core of this film is Jamie’s loss of innocence as he falls more and more under the influence of Bunting.

The Vlassakis house becomes a sort of headquarters for a group of disenfranchised people who vent their frustration with life on targeting paedophiles and gay people in the neighbourhood. 

Bunting has a psychopathic hatred of such