Low-THC cannabis 'safe for consumption', says FSANZ

But campaigners believe the recommendation for low-THC Cannabis sativa or hemp approval will not be rubber-stamped by government ministers.

The application, from Dr Andrew Katelaris, who was struck off for supplying medical cannabis to patients, would allow low-THC hemp seed and seed oil to be used in products such as ice cream, beer and nutrition bars at a maximum level of 10mg THC per kg.

But the decision by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to ignore concerns, including the potential to mislead consumers that products had psychoactive properties or that hemp products would interfere with police drug testing, must now be approved by the COAG Legislative and Governance Forum within 60 days.

The FSANZ report said there was limited evidence to indicate whether consumption of hemp foods is likely to interfere with drug test results, citing an unpublished “in-house” study by the New Zealand Institute of Environmental