Medical Research Future Fund scrap would be a ‘tragedy’: CSIRO

Addressing the National Press Club this week, Mr McKeon – who is also the chairman of the Strategic Review into Health and Medical Research and a former Australian of the Year – said he supported the co-payment in principle, but believes there is a need for proper safeguards to support those who can’t afford to pay. 

“I personally have no problem with the co-payment. I have a big problem though ensuring that those who are deleteriously affected because of their own financial circumstance that we actually have the mechanism right for ensuring that they’re not unfairly paying for this fund,” he said.

Mr McKeon suggested that people would be more supportive of the $7 fee if they were reminded that the majority of the funds would be going directly to medical research. Under the current proposal, $5 of the $7 co-payment will go to the Medical Research Future Fund with $2 going to the GP. 

“I think it