Medicare debacle exposes Coalition split

The criticism follows a humiliating retreat from a revised attempt to overhaul Medicare, which has left senior colleagues blaming Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Dr Laming indicated newly appointed Health Minister Sussan Ley would take a more inclusive approach to Medicare reform.

“All power to Sussan Ley — she’ll be consulting widely,” he told ABC Radio.

“There’s plenty of good people who can come up with some good ideas, but as I’ve said, 2014 was not a good year in Medicare reform and we need to make sure that the shadows of 2014 don’t affect this consultation process.”

A weekend news report said the second failed policy had exposed a rift at the highest levels of government.

Treasurer Joe Hockey and former health minister Peter Dutton had wanted to stick with the original plan for a $7 co-payment on doctors’ fees and let the Opposition wear the blame for a $3.5