Medicare Locals struggle to engage nurses

Several MLs have contacted APNA after failing to attract any applications from primary care nurses for governance and leadership positions.

APNA CEO Belinda Caldwell said nurses did not see themselves as capable, despite their skills being much sought after.

She called for the Department of Health and Ageing to fund governance training for primary care nurses.

“We know tranche 1 MLs have experienced significant challenges in recruiting nurses. Nurses are very well placed to make a fantastic contribution to MLs but… they need to feel confident to participate at that level,” Ms Caldwell said.

A mid-January election for the Murrumbidgee division saw one application from a nurse who did not work in primary care.

Chair Dr Tony Hobbs said his previous division of general practice, the Riverina division, tried for 18 months to attract a nurse onto its board with no success.