Medicines Australia misled ACCC: RACGP

In 2012, Medicines Australia set up the Transparency Working Group (TWG) to guide the development of a transparency reporting model to be put to relevant stakeholders for consultation as part of the18th code. 

But in its submission to the ACCC on the draft code, the RACGP alleges that the final document that had been shown for approval at stakeholder forums held earlier in the year differed fundamentally from the original TWG document that the RACGP had supported. 

It also alleged that stakeholders at those meetings were not made aware that multiple significant changes had occurred.

“It appears from April 2014 onwards any public consultation and ratification of the stakeholder forums were based on a one-sided view reflecting the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred position but were presented to stakeholders as being the view of the TWG and 85 submissions.”

In a scathing attack on the industry body, the RACGP