Military GP with a mission

Being labelled a whistleblower has not deterred Dr Julian Fidge, a Wangaratta-based GP from country Victoria. 

In fact, he regards it as a compliment and after being rebuffed by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), he is now taking his concerns to the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. 

Dr Fidge, a Reserve ADF medical officer in Melbourne with the rank of Captain, made national headlines recently when he claimed the ADF was critically short of medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and dentists, due to an entrenched culture of demeaning these professionals. 

Talking to the press about these allegations has predictably landed Dr Fidge in hot water; the ADF has referred him to a psychologist and he has faced more than a dozen charges of insubordination. While the charges have all since been withdrawn, he remains suspended from the Reserves.

“I entered the military with my eyes wide open