My Health Record bumps off unpopular PCEHR

A review of the PCEHR undertaken in 2013 has come up with 38 recommendations to tackle shortcomings and make electronic records more effective for doctors and patients, with doctors to be given an extra push to use the system through the ePractice Incentive Payment (ePIP).

“It’s clear many of the existing problems with the PCEHR system stem from the rushed early implementation," Mr Dutton said after the report’s release. 

The report is understood to have been with the minister since December.

The report calls for an opt-out model with the snappier name of My Health Record (MyHR) to be effective from the target date of 1 January, subject to the establishment of clear privacy and security standards and the completion of minimum composites of data for all patients. 

The data sets should initially include:
Current medications and adverse events